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Jason Doll: The Power of Art in Culture
What if I were to tell you that we all lived within a projection of the mind. A series of information gathered from your senses and put together in your mind and then projected to your body as the world? Crazy, right? Maybe, but maybe not. Your eyes alone are useless without your body or your mind, you use them to take in the information such as spectrums of lighting and reflections when you look across the world. This is great and all, but your mind is the true wonderment of the body, being able to take in this vast amount of information and organizing it in such a way that allows you to orientate yourself within the world. This projection of the world is the stage upon which you live.
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Check your favorite "conservative" websites.

With all that's happening in Maricopa and Windham, if they're conspicuously avoiding reporting on the audits, they're beholden to Big Tech.

Their sugar daddies at Facebook and Google don't like discussions of audits or voter fraud.
The Faucian Bargain: How cultish devotion to one man's direction is destroying America
Dr. Anthony Fauci may be the biggest fraud in modern American history. His direction has guided American policy even when that direction changes constantly. On this episode of NOQ Report, we talked to Todd Erzen, co-author of the book "Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History."
NPR acknowledges Big Tech's power to interfere in elections at their leisure
With Democrats in charge of Capitol Hill, states must act.

The power wielded by Big Tech over American society is massive.

They direct politics and culture.

They decide winners and losers.

They must be reined in as soon as possible.
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